Thursday Show Notes!

Jerilyn here!

We had a great recording session last night at Amy’s house, in her gorgeous cozy dining room. We are all looking forward to autumn in LA, even though it will still be 90 degrees every day until Xmas probably!

Big changes in the air for us! (insert David Bowie song here, please, you know, “Ch-ch-ch-changes!”). Amy considers the pros & cons of living in LA while trying to follow her dream, and all the while putting Benji to bed by 7pm!

Jenn shared her roller-coaster ride of her kitchen remodel and her goal of keeping her original wood cabinets, recycling her neighbor’s vintage sink and coming in under the 5K budget! Jenn has requested that Amy and I compile our Top 10 Holy Grail Recipes that Husbands and Children Will Eat, so we may have to pull that together for next week!

And, believe it or not, I have changed my views on the Starbuck’s seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte- from definitely deciding to try one to the complete other end of the spectrum, thinking that 4.00 is too expensive and I will not try one.

We were having so much fun, we also recorded a mini-episode (a minisode?) about our top favorite things about Los Angeles also!


Releasing our first podcasts

Jerilyn here: We’ve decided to release our first series of ‘The Broad Cast’ podcast at the beginning of next month – we still have some tweaking and editing to do, and record a few more! I was lucky enough to persuade (force?) my sister to record when she & her fam were visiting over the weekend, so we have 3 special episodes of sisterly chit-chat on the topics of our favorite cookbooks, home-made ice cream and the new trend of high-end food trucks!

We will also be reviewing products to contrast and compare our take on Red Bull and getting down to the nitty-gritty talking about the vast messy world of sunscreen. Jen and Amy have also been working on ‘Broad Cast’ projects to be updated on the blog, and covered on the show… we are looking forward to hearing from our listeners and getting some feedback!

I hate my teeth

Jerilyn here!
Does anyone else feel like they are on a treadmill, running and running to stay in the same place? Between working full-time, raising two kids, buying groceries, being married, living life and trying to keep my damn teeth clean, I always come up short somewhere. Particularly about my teeth. At my check-up and cleaning today, my dentist asked me if I’m using a fluoride toothpaste. I said, ‘No, I just rub a special paste of brown sugar and acidic lime juice on my teeth nightly’. WTF?! If any of my dear blog readers knew how much time & effort I put into tending to my not-so-pearly whites, they would find this as unsettling as I do. Unwaxed floss, regular brushing, sporadic water-pik cleaning, professional cleaning every 3 months. But, back to the Miracle Smile dentist on Thursday to have two goddamn fillings put in. Which will consume an entire precious lunch hour when I could be doing other things like running to Ralph’s to pick up diapers or dish detergent. At least I got a prescription for Vicodin to help ease the pain of my highly-sensitive teeth, but still. criminey!

Grow kid Grow

Jen here:
Just blew my budget today…AT A CONSIGNMENT STORE! It’s called Grow Kid Grow, a somewhat new place on Sunset Blvd. in Silverlake (next to ‘Furthur’) .They had tons of cute stuff but I got off track when she showed me some t-shirts from Argentina. I’m a big sucker for anything drawn well and I just fell in love with them. My studio is set up for a puppet building marathon tomorrow but once I can I’ll take some photos of the t-shirts.

Missy, the owner, also has an open mike on Tuesdays, no children please but they will be drinking wine. My kind of moms!

All Work and No Play Makes Amy Able to Pay Her Mortgage

Amy here.

I am working again, sort of. I’m a freelancer and usually work at home (when I have work, which is not too often lately). But I just got a project for three whole weeks, full time, so that’s good news. The project is on-site, i.e. in the office, i.e. away from my house where I can surf the web and nap in the afternoons if I need to, with no boss looking over my shoulder. At my new job I just sit at a table, not even at a desk. I have two huge screens and there’s no privacy whatsoever.

Do I sound like I’m complaining? Because I’m not. Mostly not. Mostly I’m happy to have the work. And it feels good to go to an office and be with other humans, not to mention working while wearing pants, which I don’t always do at home. Then there’s that whole part about teamwork. And friends. And out-to-lunches. All these things are good things, and the paycheck for three weeks of work at a healthy hourly rate is the best thing of all.

But damn. I’m tired. Naptime rolled around this afternoon and I was all, “Yeah you guys, I’ll just be curled up here under the desk for 20 minutes. See you in a few!” Actually, I had a cup of coffee. Half a cup. And that helped.

I’ve also been trying to get up early to work on a short story and I’m determined to do it all week. How do people do this — work on their own projects, work full time jobs, take care of their kids, keep the house clean, remember to call their mothers, etc? I know people do it. If you’re one of those people and you have some sort of an instruction manual or brochure, please feel free to share.

In the meantime it’s 9:30 and I’m more than ready for bed. Maybe that’s the secret? To misquote an old favorite:
Early to bed
And early to rise
Really productive people
Who are you guys?

Revenge of the Bratz

I sometimes chuckle at how opinionated I was about parenting before I became one.
My husband has a few friends, mostly college buddies, who always have a new girl on their arm. These guys are allergic to children and are so afraid we’ll fill these girls with thought of marriage that we rarely see them anymore. It’s a pity because I always had fun talking to the new girl. The last one we met worked for a marketing firm for Bratz dolls. I made a face: those things are just ugly and I couldn’t imagine why anyone would like them. Who in the world would let their daughters play with trampy, ugly dolls? Turns out there is a kind of mom that likes them: she’s relaxed, sees herself more as a friend to her kids then a mom and the house is usually a mess. The new girl and I were horrified. Who in the world would keep their house a mess with children around? What kind of lazy awful mother was this? Now I know: someone like me, that’s who. Cleaning is great for people who like to move because there is always something to do. I like to read. It’s not a good fit. Does this mean I’ll soon see the appeal of these dolls? I hope not but who knows.

Old Broken Appliances Vs Shiny New Appliances

Jerilyn here! If anyone needs advice on any major appliance, I am your bloggy expert, at your service! After moving into our house 3 months ago, every single major kitchen appliance has died- NOT covered by home warranty of course! I spent wayyy too much time comparison shopping and reading reviews, but here’s what we’ve chosen:

  • Bosch Dishwasher. Soooo quiet. You have to bend down and listen to make sure it is running. images-3
  • Kitchenaid Side-by-side Fridge. A little taller than most, and a little narrower. Very nice. Ice and filtered water on outside panel, which the kids adore because they can get their own water now and spill ice-cubes all over the floor. At our old house we had the GE Monogram which I loved loved loved but didn’t quite have the space for it in the new kitchen. images-4
  • Bosch Hi-Efficiency Washer and Dryer. Best. Things. Ever. So fast, use a thimble-full of energy, so quiet.images-5
  • Aga 36″ Gas Range. I bake every chance I get, so I’m excited to have our AGA 5-burner range delivered this week. Less expensive than Viking, Wolf and Thermador – with a more traditional look, more even heat and (hopefully) less frequent repair. After two weeks of only having a microwave and our BBQ grill to rely on, I’m antsy to boil some pasta, saute some escarole and sear some tuna!images-2

    The appliances that conked out on us were older models, like Frigidaire, Kenmore and Amana – in our previous house we had problems with a Whirlpool dishwasher, so I stayed away from these names though I know my mom’s kitchen is filled with Amana and Maytag appliances that work great and are over 25 years old, so who knows?