The Anyone-Can-Do-This Bread Recipe

Jen here…

I know that all is really takes to be a good home cook is to pay attention to what you’re cooking. Some day I may do just that but not while I work, have a house to maintain and watch two young children. I’ll let someone else be the supermom while I pour a cup of coffee and troll the internet for yummy recipes that can de done in 20 minutes or in steps that aren’t longer than that. Including clean up AND OH MY GOD HAVE I FOUND A GOOD ONE! Mark Bittman is one of my favorite food writers and a few years ago wrote about No Knead Bread and here is the recipe. This was published in 2006, it’s hugely popular and you can now find cookbooks dedicated to this kind of baking. The reason I love it: it’s delicious and can is broken up into seven under 15 minutes steps (mix, form, put back in bowl, put in hot pot, take top of pot off, remove from oven, remove from pot) and two long steps where you don’t do anything AND unlike most baking the time of these steps doesn’t need to be exact. I made three loaves this week, finding all sorts of tips on how to improve my baking. It’s super fun, like a craft project and I can actually do it. Nice.

These photos are of the third loaf I made. When I saw it I was transported back to Arthur Ave. in the Bronx , buying “pizza” bread and lots of other good stuff with my Italian grandma. She 97 and not going anywhere soon but that’s another story.


3 responses to “The Anyone-Can-Do-This Bread Recipe

  1. Thanks for the post Amanda and our fan.
    I originally found this recipe in 2006, I printed it out at work and it’s been in my own pile of junk since. Tiny Italian grandmothers can be fierce. I’m glad you were able to sneak some bread, I bet it was worth it.

  2. I’ve been sitting here at my desk for the past couple of years with that recipe in my pile of junk.

    I am still waiting to bake that bread…

    It looks fantastic, by the way. Just like my tiny Italian grandmother used to make. Except she never really liked me, so I had sneak into the kitchen and steal a slice….

  3. wow! this looks great!

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