The Obligatory Cupcake Post

Jerilyn here.

I am succumbing to blog-pressure and writing about cupcakes. I thought it would be a cute and delicious read, but quickly realized about a bajillion other blog posts exist about cupcake baking incidents. Well, to hell with the other bajillion – I have a brand spankin’ new AGA oven in my kitchen and a brand new package of White Lily flour in my cupboard, so here goes. Since I had limited time and wanted to bake before it got hot and sweltering (September in Los Angeles is not crisp and cool fall weather), I chose a basic recipe for chocolate and zucchini cupcakes and a chocolate frosting from ‘Rebar:Modern Food Cookbook’. imagesHowever, the results were so terrible – burnt on the edges, soggy in the middle that I am completely humilated by my baking skills and will not be posting photos of my failed attempt. I blame it on my oven. And maybe the recipe? And the zucchini. So I’m going out to the grocery store now to buy some ‘normal’ cupcakes. Like they say, ‘fake it ’til you make it’ or in my case ‘fake it ’til you bake it.’ Oy vey.

Cute and delectable cupcakes are precious, but are they worth the trouble? I need a good cupcake recipe before I venture down this sugary path again.


One response to “The Obligatory Cupcake Post

  1. Maybe it’s the recipe. Or you’re too high above sea level or something, or a bad karma day. Try it again another day and I’m sure it will work (and maybe with another recipe).

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