Why Diana Krall Totally Bugs Me

Jerilyn here. I want to share something with you. Diana Krall totally bugs me. It started around the time she was in those pretentious Lexus ads, listening to Oscar Peterson and rhapsodizing about how she always knew she wanted to be a jazz musician. She just bugs me! I do appreciate a successful women in a male-dominated field (hey, I work in animation) so I give her credit for being a high-achiever. And she strongly resembles a babysitter I had who sat on me until I couldn’t breathe, so there’s that. I confess that I have not listened to her music because I am not a fan of the female jazz vocal. In fact, I like it even less than jazz guitar. And I hate that shit.


  • True, the Female Jazz Vocalists are a rare bird, and this bird happens to be thin, white and gorgeous.

    Funny how marketing works that way, huh?

  • Then, I realized she was married to Elvis Costello. Yeah he’s got bad teeth and probably is out on tour 95% of the time, but still, he’s pretty great.
  • Then she said the best part of being married to Elvis is that ‘”I get better service at the shoe department at Barneys when I’m with him…”

    Oh. Yes. She. Said. That.

  • And then she birthed those damn cute twins. After the age of 40. Which is an amazing feat that I thought only super women like Holly Hunter and Molly Ringwald could do (Note to self: Read less People magazine).
  • She named the twins Dexter and Frank. And has a nanny to take care of them while she does her jazz vocalizing, shoe-shopping and Lexus listening.

OK. Maybe I should retitle this post ‘I’m totally jealous of Diana Krall’.


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