Santa Ana winds

Hi, Jen here.
September in Los Angeles usually means Indian Summer (hot) and Santa Ana winds (dry and hot). Usually the wind comes from the west off the ocean but in September they come from the east, the desert, and I’ve always loved them. First, they’ve got a name (what other wind gets named?) and the sound they make at night, it’s not a whistle, it’s soothing. They also cause a lot of damage and fires
(hot dry winds at the end of a hot dry summer, not good) so you usually hear them mentioned in somber tones.
The Santa Ana’s also remind me of “White Oleander”, a great movie that came out a few years ago. It explains what they are like better than I can, and I love when a movie can do that.


3 responses to “Santa Ana winds

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  2. I hated the movie , but loved the book!!
    And when crazy things happen, you can say ‘Oh, it must be those Santa Ana winds, they make everything crazy”

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