Thursday Show Notes!

Jerilyn here!

We had a great recording session last night at Amy’s house, in her gorgeous cozy dining room. We are all looking forward to autumn in LA, even though it will still be 90 degrees every day until Xmas probably!

Big changes in the air for us! (insert David Bowie song here, please, you know, “Ch-ch-ch-changes!”). Amy considers the pros & cons of living in LA while trying to follow her dream, and all the while putting Benji to bed by 7pm!

Jenn shared her roller-coaster ride of her kitchen remodel and her goal of keeping her original wood cabinets, recycling her neighbor’s vintage sink and coming in under the 5K budget! Jenn has requested that Amy and I compile our Top 10 Holy Grail Recipes that Husbands and Children Will Eat, so we may have to pull that together for next week!

And, believe it or not, I have changed my views on the Starbuck’s seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte- from definitely deciding to try one to the complete other end of the spectrum, thinking that 4.00 is too expensive and I will not try one.

We were having so much fun, we also recorded a mini-episode (a minisode?) about our top favorite things about Los Angeles also!


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