Releasing our first podcasts

Jerilyn here: We’ve decided to release our first series of ‘The Broad Cast’ podcast at the beginning of next month – we still have some tweaking and editing to do, and record a few more! I was lucky enough to persuade (force?) my sister to record when she & her fam were visiting over the weekend, so we have 3 special episodes of sisterly chit-chat on the topics of our favorite cookbooks, home-made ice cream and the new trend of high-end food trucks!

We will also be reviewing products to contrast and compare our take on Red Bull and getting down to the nitty-gritty talking about the vast messy world of sunscreen. Jen and Amy have also been working on ‘Broad Cast’ projects to be updated on the blog, and covered on the show… we are looking forward to hearing from our listeners and getting some feedback!


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