I hate my teeth

Jerilyn here!
Does anyone else feel like they are on a treadmill, running and running to stay in the same place? Between working full-time, raising two kids, buying groceries, being married, living life and trying to keep my damn teeth clean, I always come up short somewhere. Particularly about my teeth. At my check-up and cleaning today, my dentist asked me if I’m using a fluoride toothpaste. I said, ‘No, I just rub a special paste of brown sugar and acidic lime juice on my teeth nightly’. WTF?! If any of my dear blog readers knew how much time & effort I put into tending to my not-so-pearly whites, they would find this as unsettling as I do. Unwaxed floss, regular brushing, sporadic water-pik cleaning, professional cleaning every 3 months. But, back to the Miracle Smile dentist on Thursday to have two goddamn fillings put in. Which will consume an entire precious lunch hour when I could be doing other things like running to Ralph’s to pick up diapers or dish detergent. At least I got a prescription for Vicodin to help ease the pain of my highly-sensitive teeth, but still. criminey!


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