Revenge of the Bratz

I sometimes chuckle at how opinionated I was about parenting before I became one.
My husband has a few friends, mostly college buddies, who always have a new girl on their arm. These guys are allergic to children and are so afraid we’ll fill these girls with thought of marriage that we rarely see them anymore. It’s a pity because I always had fun talking to the new girl. The last one we met worked for a marketing firm for Bratz dolls. I made a face: those things are just ugly and I couldn’t imagine why anyone would like them. Who in the world would let their daughters play with trampy, ugly dolls? Turns out there is a kind of mom that likes them: she’s relaxed, sees herself more as a friend to her kids then a mom and the house is usually a mess. The new girl and I were horrified. Who in the world would keep their house a mess with children around? What kind of lazy awful mother was this? Now I know: someone like me, that’s who. Cleaning is great for people who like to move because there is always something to do. I like to read. It’s not a good fit. Does this mean I’ll soon see the appeal of these dolls? I hope not but who knows.


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