“Deceptively Delicious”

images-9Yes, it was published almost two years ago, but we just found out about it! Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook ‘Deceptively Delicious’  uses subterfuge and deceit to infiltrate kid-friendly food with nutritious vegetables. In theory, a good idea? Perhaps. If your kids will eat anything and not ask questions, then, sure, this cookbook might work for you. Jessica includes “tips on making healthy snacks and improving store-bought foods, and her advice on creating harmony around the kitchen table.”  And, the recipes are okay, but alot of work! At least the spinach brownies and cauliflower mac’n’cheese were alot of work for not much pay-off. On the up side, her recipes are low-fat and relatively healthy. On the down side, they are very time-consuming and make a big mess of dishes, mixers, baking pans and the like.  We suggest doubling the recipe and freezing half, to save time in the future. *Truth be told, Jerilyn’s kids would not touch the spinach-brownies and said they were ‘gross’ although Jerilyn loved them! We will be trying more recipes and reporting back on the success/failure rate.m_PA0905FOODF_12

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