Bake Baby, Bake: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jerilyn here!

imagesIn my ongoing quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, the latest trick I am loving is using milk chocolate, yes, decadent milk chocolate chips as well as semi-sweet chocolate chips in a recipe. Trust me, it’s fabulous!! I prefer a gooey cookie, to a ‘cakey’ cookie – and have discovered that this is all about the butter. The more butter, the better, just like Paula Deen says! For those of you out there looking for a very crisp cookie, adding about a quarter of teaspoon of cream-of-tarter to the dry ingredients is just the thing! Have a special chocolate chip cookie trick that I don’t know about? Do tell!

For big fat chewy cookies, check out the link for a ‘how-to’ video from via Youtube.  And, for more inspiration, check out Gwyneth’s Paltrow’s GOOP website, you gotta give her credit, no matter what you may think of Coldplay, because she nailed it with the cookie recipes. I’ve personally tried all of them and Katie Lee Joel’s dried cherry pecan chocolate variations are awesome. Next weekend, I’m doing a killer flourless chocolate cake and will update everyone on that experience – happy baking, y’all!



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